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Vegan recipes that hardly seem like vegan recipes.

Author and ghost-writer of 100s of vegan recipes. All services include love, care and attention at every step — with photography that promises to ooze, shine or glow better than real-life.

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Meet Nicole

Nicole Maree is an author, allergy-friendly cook and cruelty-free advocate from Australia. After years of battling food intolerances, Nicole has perfected the art of converting recipes she once avoided, into delicious health-packed feasts she can now enjoy.

In her spare time, you will find Nicole making a mess in the kitchen or creating memories with her son Jonah. Nicole follows a plant-based lifestyle for the animals, the planet, the people, for compassion and non-violence. Her food philosophy is without restriction and she believes any recipe can be made Vegan or allergy-friendly with a few quick substitutions.

Nicole Maree has since found her own niche adapting her favourite recipes to suit those with food intolerances and Vegan lifestyles.